Floss flower is a frost-tender annual of the aster family that provides continuous bloom for beds, gardens or containers from late spring to frost. Features fluffy flowers (basically asters with ray flowers absent) in flattened to slightly rounded clusters atop compact, mounded plants generally ranging from 4” to 18” tall. Some taller varieties (e.g., the triploid ‘Blue Horizon’) are more erect and grow to as much as 30” tall. Species flowers are medium blue, however many cultivars are available in commerce in various shades of blue, pink, red, white and bicolor. Leaves are typically rounded, cordate-at-the-base, hairy, slightly quilted and soft green. Taller varieties make good cut flowers.

LIGHTING REQUIREMENTS: USDA hardiness zones: 2 through 11

CARE INSTRUCTIONS WATER: Do not let dry out for too long. Keep soil moist.

FERTILIZER: Refer to growers instructions.

FLOWERING: Blooms June to frost.

SOIL: Prefers rich soils with good drainage and consistent moisture throughout the growing season.

DISEASE: No serious insect or disease problems. Watch for aphids and whiteflies. Powdery mildew is an occasional problem, particularly in hot and humid climates where soils are kept on the dry side and air circulation is poor. Root rot may occur in poorly drained soils. Taller plants usually benefit from some support.

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