Aglonema Plant

A Chinese Evergreen Plant is one of the easiest and best-looking houseplants to have in your home or office. Aglaonemas, the scientific name for Chinese Evergreen Plants, are a hardy hybrid from the Aroid family and originally came from the subtropics of Southeast Asia. Chinese Evergreen Plants can be used as upright table plants or, as they get larger, bushy floor plants. All of the many Chinese Evergreen Plant varieties have long shiny leathery leaves with unique patterns of green, gray, and cream. NASA lists the Chinese Evergreen Plant as one of its top ten plants to clean the air of harmful toxins.

LIGHTING REQUIREMENTS: Low to medium shadowless, indirect light is best for Aglaonema, and placing them in a north or east-facing window is ideal. As with most indoor plants, the variegated varieties of aglaonema need more light than the darker green species.

CARE INSTRUCTIONS WATER: Allow the top 25-30% of the soil of a Chinese Evergreen houseplant to dry out before watering. When the soil of a Chinese Evergreen Plant stays too wet for a long period of time, the stalks rot and die. If the soil of a Chinese Evergreen Plant gets too dry or too wet, yellow leaves develop.

FERTILIZER: Chinese Evergreen houseplants do not need much fertilizer. Feed a Chinese Evergreen Plant every other month with a basic houseplant food at 1/4 the recommended strength when the plant is actively growing.

TEMPERATURE: Temperatures below 50 degrees can damage the leaves of Chinese Evergreen houseplants. Keep Chinese Evergreen Plants out of cold winter drafts and away from air conditioners.

HUMIDITY: Chinese Evergreen plants prefer regular household humidity or higher if possible.

FLOWERING: If your Chinese Evergreen houseplant produces flowers, immediately cut them off. The flowers are not very attractive and use energy that the plant needs to produce its beautiful leaves.

PESTS: A Chinese Evergreen plant is susceptible to the plant pests Mealy Bugs, scale, and Aphids.

DISEASES: In high humidity, the large leaves of a Chinese Evergreen plant may develop bacterial diseases such as Leaf Spot.

SOIL: The best soil for Chinese Evergreen houseplants is a basic, well-aerated houseplant potting soil that drains quickly.

  • Aglonema Plant

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