Aralia Plant (Polyscias)

Aralia is an evergreen plant native to Africa, Asia, Australia, parts of North and Central America, and South America. Aralias are not a good houseplants for beginners since they are easy to over- water resulting in root rot. Aralia Plants quickly drop leaves if not cared for properly.

LIGHTING REQUIREMENTS: Aralia Plants can survive in low light conditions, but grow faster and produce more leaves in medium to bright indirect light.

CARE INSTRUCTIONS WATER: Too much water, resulting in root rot, is the main reason Aralia Plants die. Allow the top 50% of the soil to dry out before watering an Aralia Plant. In low light conditions, an Aralia Plant may need water as little as every 2-3 weeks.

FERTILIZER: An Aralia Plant requires very little fertilizer. Plants need fertilizer only when they are actively growing. Slow growing plants in low light require very little plant food. Too much fertilizer is worse than not enough. Most plants prefer a water soluble plant food at 1/2 the recommended strength. Plants that are in bloom or dormant should not be fertilized. Houseplant food contains nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K). A fertilizer containing these elements in equal proportion is considered a balanced plant food. Nitrogen helps in photosynthesis and encourages the growth of leaves and stems. Potassium and phosphorus also help in photosynthesis and aid in root and flower development. Most fertilizers have trace elements of other minerals that are lacking in the soil but are necessary for good plant growth. Fertilizers have a high salt content. If a plant is not producing new leaves and doesn’t absorb the fertilizer, salts build up in the soil. These salts can burn the roots, discolor the leaves, and cause new growth to be small. Feed an Aralia Plant every other month when it’s actively growing with a plant food high in nitrogen at 1/2 the recommended strength.

TEMPERATURE: Aralia Plants prefer temperatures between 60-85 degrees.

HUMIDITY: High humidity helps Aralia Plants grow. Dry air, due to low humidity, is one of the reasons Aralia Plants drop leaves.

FLOWERING: Although an Aralia Plant doesn't flower, Aralias can be trained to be a lovely bonsai Plant.

PESTS: Aralia Plants are more pest resistant than many other indoor plants, but they still are bothered by houseplant pests such as Aphids, scale, Mealy Bugs, and spider mites. Spray an Aralia Plants frequently with a biodegradable soapy water.

DISEASES: Aside from root-rot caused by over-watering, Aralia Plants are fairly resistant to most houseplant diseases.

SOIL: Aralia Plants need a peat-based, well-aerated, light soil. This type of quick draining potting medium prevents water from accumulating in the soil and causing the roots of an Aralia Plant to disintegrate.

  • Aralia Plant (Polyscias)

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