Arrowhead Plant (Syngonium)

Arrowhead Plants, Syngonium, or Nepthytis, whichever name you choose, make excellent indoor plants. Originally grown as a solid green plant, Arrowhead Houseplants, close relatives of the Philodendron, now have leaves that are almost white, green & white, and various shades of pink or burgundy. No matter the color, the leaf of any Arrowhead variety will always have an arrow shape. Keep the long runners and growth tips pruned on Arrowhead Plants and you can use them on tables or stand them on the floor. When left untrimmed, Arrowhead Houseplants make beautiful hanging plants.

LIGHTING REQUIREMENTS: An Arrowhead Plant with green leaves can live in low to medium light. Arrowhead Plant varieties with white, pink, or burgundy leaves need medium to high light. The leaves of an Arrowhead Plant become “Bleached” and turn an ugly gray-green color when placed in the direct sun.

CARE INSTRUCTIONS WATER: Water an Arrowhead Houseplant well and then allow the top 50% of the soil to dry out before watering again. An Arrowhead Plant droops when it needs water, but perks up quickly. When over- watered, an Arrowhead Plant develops root rot and may die.

FERTILIZER: Fertilize an Arrowhead Houseplant every two weeks in the spring and summer when it is actively growing with a basic liquid houseplant food at 1/2 the recommended strength. Feed an Arrowhead Plant monthly in the fall and winter.

TEMPERATURE: An Arrowhead Houseplant does well in temperatures between 60-75 degrees.

HUMIDITY: Arrowhead Plants prefer high humidity but still grow well in basic household humidity. Keep Arrowhead Houseplants, and most other indoor plants, away from hot air vents, air conditioners, and fireplaces.

PESTS: Arrowhead Houseplants are susceptible to the plant pests scale and Mealy Bugs, but it is spider mites that do the most damage to Arrowhead plants. Spider mites are plant pests that suck the color from the leaves and make a houseplant look pale and anemic.

DISEASES: Bacterial Root Rot due to over-watering and Bacterial Leaf Spot due to high humidity are the main Arrowhead Plant diseases.

SOIL: Arrowhead plants like a rich organic soil that drains well. An African Violet mix is a good choice.

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