Bismarck Palm

Bismarck palm trees are one of the most widely used palms for landscaping. Their color and overall beauty play a role in this distinction, as does their ability to withstand colder, and even below freezing temperatures. They are highly sought after for their beauty and versatility. They are used for centerpieces and for lining streets and driveways. They come in two basic colors, bright green and a dusty steel blue- some also call it silver.

USDA hardiness zones: 9 through 11

Foliage: Evergreen

Height: 40'-50'

Light Exposure: Part shade to full sun

Spread: 15'-20'

Water Use: Medium to high

Growth Rate: Moderate to fast

Trunk Width: 4'-5'

Cultural Requirements: Some drought tolerance is shown but prefers regular, infrequent, deep irrigation. Good soil drainage is important. Periodic grooming improves appearance. Fertilize annually in spring or summer.

Problems: Thatch may harbor pests and be a fire hazard. Yearly trimming can be costly. Susceptible to bud rot and root knot nematodes.

  • Bizmarkia Palm

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