As a member of the cabbage family, Collards plants are far less known. Collard greens are closely related to Kale. They are strong flavored, open leafed cabbage. They do not form a large, round head.

LIGHTING REQUIREMENTS: USDA hardiness zones: 8 through 10

CARE INSTRUCTIONS WATER: Keep the soil moist and well draining, but not wet.

FERTILIZER: Boost your plants health with a light application of liquid fertilizer twice during growing peroid.

MEDICINAL BENEFITS/APPLICATIONS: Collard packs in lots of nutrients for a little amount of calories. If you are trying to eat healthier, cruciferous vegetables like collard greens should be at the very top of your grocery list.

SOIL: Use rich, well drained soil.

DISEASE: Disease problems are uncommon with this plant.

  • Collard

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