Dioon (Dioon edule)

This slow-growing cycad develops a rosette of leaves from a short, cylindrical unbranched stem. The young Dioon has an airy, lacy fern-like quality. As plants mature, the leaves become rigid and silvery grey, reminiscent of palm foliage. Dioon is rich and exotic in character. It is excellent as a container plant or for enclosed or partly enclosed garden areas with a tropical theme.

Climate Zone: 4, 5

Foliage: Evergreen

Height: To 5'

Light Exposure: Part to full shade

Spread: 3'-5'

Water Use: Medium to high

Growth Rate: Slow

Trunk Width: 1'

Cultural Requirements: Well-drained, fertile, organic soil and protection from hottest sun and wind should be provided for best growth.

Problems: Plants may sunburn with full or relected sun, especially when grown as container plants.

  • Dioon (Dioon edule)

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