Goldfish Plant (Columnea nematanthus)

If you have a high light area that calls for a hanging or table plant that flowers, Goldfish House Plants are a perfect choice. A Goldfish Plant, native to Southern Mexico, Brazil, and Costa Rica comes in over 25 different varieties. Goldfish HousePlants have hundreds of small, thick, shiny, dark green leaves and colorful flowers that resemble tiny goldfish. The flowers on a Goldfish Plant may be red, orange, or yellow. Goldfish HousePlants are easy to care for, drought resistant, and, with proper care, can bloom all year.

LIGHTING REQUIREMENTS: A Goldfish Plant requires bright indirect light especially if you want it to develop flowers.

CARE INSTRUCTIONS WATER: Allow the top 25%-30% of the soil in a Goldfish Plant to dry out before watering. Green leaves fall off a Goldfish Plant when the plant is too wet or too dry.

FERTILIZER: Fertilize a Goldfish Plant every two weeks in the spring and summer when it is actively growing with a basic plant food at 1/2 the recommended strength. Feed a Goldfish Plant monthly in the fall and winter.

TEMPERATURE: Goldfish Plants do well in temperatures between 65-85 degrees. Intense heat burns the leaves of a Goldfish Plant. Try to keep a Goldfish Plants out of drafts and away from heaters.

HUMIDITY: Goldfish Plants prefer high humidity, but adapt well to basic household humidity.

FLOWERING: Keep a Goldfish Plant in a small pot and in a very bright location to encourage it to flower. 

PESTS: Goldfish Plants attract the plant pests Aphids and Mealy Bugs. It’s difficult to eliminate these plant pests once they have infected a Goldfish Plant because of the numerous small leaves where they love to hide. Spray a Goldfish Plant thoroughly with the green solution to get rid of plant pests but try to avoid the flowers.

SOIL: Goldfish Plants like a rich potting soil that holds water but still drains quickly. An African Violet soil works well for a Goldfish Plant also.

  • Goldfish Plant (Columnea nematanthus)

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