Featuring a mix of the quirky, the whimsical and the reimagined, our décor is as distinctive as your taste. Take a virtual look through The Little House Boutique and find that perfect piece you’ve been searching for.

Boxwood Plant Spiral 70”
Tall Spiral Boxwood Plant, Dark Green and UV-Protected
Price: $300.00
Croton Plant In Black Plastic Pot 36”
3' Tall Silk Croton in Black Plastic Pot, Vibrant Colors
Price: $65.85
Cypress Half Ball 14” x 21”
Plastic Cypress Half-Sphere, Dark Green, UV-Protected
Price: $242.00
Cypress Tree 77”
Towering Artifical Cypress Cone, UV-Protected
Price: $682.00
Dracaena Plant 8 Stem With 406 Lvs In Pot 6'
6' Dracaena Plant, 8 Plants Per Pot
Price: $376.00
Ficus Amstel Tree In Pot 10'
10' Longifolia Tree, Very Full and Lifelike
Price: $618.65
Ficus Lyrata in Plastic Pot 4'
4' Ficus Lyrata Tree, Broad Dark Green Leaves and Substantial Main Trunk
Price: $119.85
Fishtail Palm in Pot 6'
6' Fishtail Palm, 370 Bright Green Leaves in Black Plastic Pot
Price: $378.00
Fishtail Palm in Pot 8'
8' Flying Fishtail Palm, Dark Green Foliage and Lifelike Trunks
Price: $360.00
Grass in Galvanized Planter Green 7”H x 6.5”W x 6.5”
7" Artificial Grass in Square Metak Container
Price: $24.80
Kentia Palm in Plastic Pot 5'
5' Dark Green Silk Kentia Palm, Multi-Fronded in Plastic Pot
Price: $110.00
Kentia Palm in Pot 93”
93" Artificial Kentia, Dark Green with Woody Base Trunk
Price: $210.60