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California Fan Palm (Washingtonia filifera)
A powerful, stately palm whose heavy trunk supports a crown of large, fan-shaped leaves. Foliage stands erect and spreading on spiny petioles when young. With maturity, leaves droop to the smooth trunk forming a handsome thatch. The California desert type retains the dead fronds all the way to the ground unless trimmed. This species hybridizes easily with W. robusta, so that a large variation in appearance is possible, even from commercial sources. The massive character of this palm tends to dominate small landscapes and small structures. The best use is as a street or park tree or a specimen in large-scale landscapes. LIGHTING REQUIREMENTS Climate Zone: 3, 4, 5 CARE INSTRUCTIONS Foliage: Evergreen Height: 40'-60' Light Exposure: Part shade to full sun Spread: 15'-20' Water Use: Low to medium Growth Rate: Moderate to fast Trunk Width: 4'-5' Cultural Requirements: Some drought tolerance is shown but prefers regular, infrequent, deep irrigation. Good soil drainage is important. Periodic grooming improves appearance. Fertilize annually in spring or summer. Problems: Thatch may harbor pests and be a fire hazard. Yearly trimming can be costly. Susceptible to bud rot and root knot nematodes.