Zebra Plant

Zebra HousePlants (Aphelandra squarrosa) has spectacular foliage and exotic looking flowers. The nickname Zebra Plant comes from its large, dark green, shiny leaves that have a bold white midrib and white veins. The stems of the leaves of Zebra HousePlants have a purple tinge. The bright yellow flowers on a Zebra Plant emerge from bracts at the end of a long stem. A Zebra Plant, native to the Brazilian forests, is primarily a table plant that stands about a foot tall. Zebra Houseplants do require a little extra care; but this beautiful, out of the ordinary houseplant, is well worth it.

LIGHTING REQUIREMENTS: Zebra Plants requires very bright indirect light but no direct sun.

CARE INSTRUCTIONS WATER: Keep the soil of a Zebra Plant moist but not soggy; never allow the soil to totally dry out. Bottom leaves drop off a Zebra Plant if it is over or under-watered.

FERTILIZER: Feed a Zebra Plant weekly in the spring and summer with a basic houseplant food at 1/2 the recommended strength.

TEMPERATURE: Zebra Plants prefer temperatures between 65-75 degrees. Prolonged exposure to temperatures below 60 degrees causes leaves to fall off a Zebra Plant.

HUMIDITY: Zebra Plants, native to the jungles of Brazil, like very high humidity. Place a Zebra Plant on a tray of wet pebbles to help increase the moisture in the air around it.

FLOWERING: A Zebra Plant produces flowers from a four sided yellow spike made up of overlapping bracts. The yellow flowers only last a few days, but the attractive bracts of a Zebra Plant last for a month or two. Once the bright yellow bract of a Zebra Plant fades, remove the entire spike.

PESTS: Though somewhat pest resistant, whitefly, Mealy Bugs, Aphids, scale, and spider mites may all be a problem for a Zebra Plant. These houseplants pests can all be treated with the green solution, but avoid spraying the flowers on a Zebra Plant.

DISEASES: The high humidity that a Zebra Plant prefers encourages Fungal Leaf Spot Plant Disease. Try to keep the leaves dry and provide good air circulation around a Zebra Plant to prevent Leaf Spot Disease.

SOIL: Zebra Plants grow well in a fast- draining, highly organic potting soil such as an African Violet mix.

  • Zebra Plant

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