This particular Anthurium is a hybrid of the species Andreanum and is a herbaceous epiphyte indigenous to Tropical America. The Greek translation of Anthurium is “tail flower” and it is also know as Flamingo Lily. The spathe is the waxy, modified leaf that forms the heart shape of the flower and spadix is the “tail” where the actual flowers emerge. The spathe comes in three varieties – standard (the quintessential heart-shape), obake (“green ears”), and tulip (tear-drop shape).

LIGHTING REQUIREMENTS: Anthurium Houseplants likes as much bright indirect light as possible, but no direct sun. If there is insufficient light, Anthurium HousePlants produce fewer flowers and the leaves stretch toward the light.

CARE INSTRUCTIONS WATER: Water Anthurium HousePlants well and then allow the top two or three inches of soil to dry out before watering again. Over-watering causes yellow leaf tips on Anthurium HousePlants, under- watering causes brown leaf tips on Anthurium Plants.

FERTILIZER: Use a balanced fertilizer or one a little high in nitrogen for Anthurium HousePlants. Feed Anthurium Plants monthly in the spring and summer, when they are actively growing. When fertilizing Anthurium HousePlants, always dilute the plant food 1/3 to 1/4 the recommended strength.

TEMPERATURE: Anthurium House Plants prefer temperatures between 75-85 degrees during the day and about 10 degrees cooler at night. Temperatures below 50 degrees slow the growth of both leaves and flowers on Anthurium HousePlants.

HUMIDITY: The higher the humidity the better Anthurium HousePlants grow.

FLOWERING: Quickly remove the fading or dying flower spathes on Anthurium HousePlants as soon as they appear.

PESTS: Anthurium Plants are susceptible to many houseplant pests such as: Mealy Bugs, scale, Aphids, and thrip. The new tender growth on Anthurium Plants is especially vulnerable to these plant insects. Examine your Anthurium Plants carefully ever time you water and spray with the green solution if you notice any plant pests.

DISEASES: Fungal and Bacterial plant diseases are a problem for Anthurium House Plants because of the high humidity and warmth that Anthurium Plants require. Keeping water off the leaves and providing good air circulation around Anthurium House Plants is a good way to prevent plant diseases.

SOIL: Use a rich, organic, loose potting soil that contains some mulch and sphagnum moss for Anthurium HousePlants. The soil of Anthurium Planst needs to drain quickly so you may have to add some sand to the mix.

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