Freesia is a genus of about 14 species. Freesia bulbs are usually grown for use as Cut Flowers. All the 14 species of Freesia are African in origin. Of The 14 Freesia species, 12 are native to Cape Province, South Africa, the remaining two to tropical Africa, with one these species extending north of the equator to Sudan. Freesia flowers are very fragrant, typically white or yellow, and are borne in spikelike racemes. This blooming beauty captures your heart and is a springtime favorite.

LIGHTING REQUIREMENTS: Indoors, position your Freesia where it will get the maximum sun available.

CARE INSTRUCTIONS WATER: Water freesia about 1 inch every week during the growth and blooming periods.

FERTILIZER: Fertilize freesia with 12-4-8 fertilizer and water more frequently when the plant begins growing again during the next season.

TEMPERATURE: Freesias bloom best when night time temperatures remain below 50°. In cooler regions, Freesias should be planted in mid-spring, after all danger of frost has passed.

HUMIDITY: Freesia prefer high humidity but will do fine in basic household humidity.

FLOWERING: Do not remove the foliage until it has died back naturally, to allow the leaves to store energy for next years show. In areas where Freesias are hardy, the clumps can be left undisturbed for 3 years before dividing. In cold climates, the corms will need to be dug after the foliage turns brown, and stored in a cool, dry area until next spring.

PESTS: Watch out for Aphids and thrips.

SOIL: Use a rich fast-draining slightly acidic soil.

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