Mexican Blue Palm (Brahea armata)

Waxy, silvery-blue leaves arch gracefully from the erect columnar trunk of this striking palm. Faintly fragrant, creamy white flowers are arrayed on flower stalks 18 feet or more in length. Some consider it better appearing in youth since mature specimens develop a stockier trunk and the foliage has a less pronounced blue color. This beautiful tree offers much versatility as a landscape palm or as a container subject. The attractive blue foliage makes a nice contrast with desert vegetation.

Climate Zone: 4, 5

Foliage: Evergreen

Height: 25'-30'

Light Exposure: Part shade, full or reflected sun

Spread: 6'-10'

Water Use: Low to medium

Growth Rate: Slow

Trunk Width: 3'+

Cultural Requirements: Mexican Blue Palm tolerates extremes of heat, cold, wind and a wide range of growing conditions. Regular, widely spaced irrigation is best.

Problems: None reported.

  • Mexican Blue Palm (Brahea armata)

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